Award Nominations

Each year, during the spring semester, Student Life faculty and staff are invited to nominate their colleagues for awards based on their work from Mar. 1 - Feb. 1, to be presented at the Student Life End of Semester Event.

The Vice President and Executive Team will review the nominations and select the winners.

Nominations are currently closed.

Patricia Telles-Irvin Mentorship Award – This award recognizes and celebrates formal and/or informal mentorship across the division. The award recipient regularly invests in other staff members, helping to guide them outside of a supervisory relationship. Up to two awards may be given out.

Hero Award – This award recognizes consistent, top-notch work provided by a custodial or maintenance team member. The award recipient exemplifies great pride in providing critical work that ensures the division’s ability to operate and serve students. Up to two awards may be given out.

Mort Wolfson Faculty Service Award - This award recognizes a faculty member who has supported Student Life. The Mort Wolfson Faculty Service Award was established to honor Professor Wolfson upon his retirement. It is given annually to a UF faculty member who exemplifies the values that Professor Wolfson modeled: Commitment and service to students and the University of Florida. One award will be given out.

Art Sandeen New Professional Award - The Art Sandeen Outstanding New Professional Award is given annually to a UF Division of Student Life staff member with less than three years of full-time Student Life experience who exemplifies the values that Dr. Sandeen modeled: Dedication to the profession, a love for students, commitment to mentoring others in the profession, and a commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Art Sandeen served as the Vice President for Student Affairs from 1973-1999. Up to three awards may be given out.

Jack Kinzer Award - The John M. “Jack” Kinzer Award is for a UF student who exemplifies the characteristics that Mr. Kinzer modeled: Leadership and service to the UF community with a commitment to excellence, dedication, and integrity.  General Kinzer graduated from UF and is a member of the UF Hall of Fame. He served his country in WWII and rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Army after which he returned to UF to begin a second career. General Kinzer served as interim vice president for student affairs until his retirement. One award will be given out.

Commitment to Collaboration Award - This award recognizes the efforts of faculty and staff from other UF units (including within the Division of Student Life) that support student success at UF.  This award recognizes individuals (or committees) who enter collaborative efforts and partnerships for special projects. One award will be given out.

Outstanding Graduate Student - Graduate assistants/graduate employees have a tremendous impact on Student Life and are a big part of what makes the Division of Student Life successful. This award honors graduate assistants/graduate student employees who truly went above and beyond. Up to two awards may be given out.

Special Recognition Outside the Division - The Division of Student Life recognizes the special efforts of faculty and staff from other UF units that consistently go above and beyond to support student's success at UF.