Graduate Assistantships

Departments within the Division of Student Life at the University of Florida, as well as related departments and colleges, provide employment opportunities for graduate students interested in pursuing a career in a student affairs related field. These graduate positions enable students to combine the knowledge learned in the classroom with the experience of working in a professional setting. In short, students are able to put theory into practice. The personal and professional skills gained by being able to directly apply what is learned in the classroom, will be beneficial throughout your professional career.

If you plan to attend the Student Personnel in Higher Education (SPHE) program as a full-time student and will not be working as a full-time professional, please indicate your interest in applying for a Graduate Assistantship/Position on your On-Campus M.Ed. SPHE program application. Selection for the SPHE academic program and the assistantship/position hiring process are separate, but collaborative and concurrent processes. On-campus SPHE students are required to have a Graduate Assistantship/Position or related employment due to the “theory-to-practice” nature of the program. Most graduate assistantships/positions are 20 hour per week positions for the spring and fall semesters (9 month appointment). Some assistantships/positions are also available in the summer. Candidates must be accepted to a graduate program at the University of Florida to be eligible for graduate employment.

(NOTE: First preference is given to students applying to the SPHE master’s degree program.)

Some terminology to be aware of:

  • Assistantships – typically include a stipend, tuition waiver, and health care
  • Positions – may not include tuition waiver or health care, but do include a competitive stipend and other benefits. Be sure to ask supervisors during your interviews.

Our graduate positions are intentionally designed to give students hands-on opportunities to work and grow throughout their time in school.

Graduate Assistant Positions for 2023-2024

Candidates outside of the Student Personnel in Higher Education will not be reviewed until the SPHE students have been hired. If there are any vacancies, candidates will be contacted. This does not usually occur until late March or early April.

Student Life Assistantships:

Across the University of Florida and the Division of Student Life, we offer a variety of opportunities through our many graduate assistantships. The assistantships listed below are currently filled, but may come available next academic year.