Core Competencies

Division Staff Core Competencies:

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Florida has adopted the Core Competency Areas developed by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and the American College Personnel Association (ACPA).  This set of Professional Competency Areas is intended to define the broad professional knowledge, skills, and for some competencies, attitudes expected of student affairs professionals working in the U.S., regardless of their area of specialization or positional role within the field. All student affairs professionals should be able to demonstrate their ability to meet the basic list of outcomes under each competency area regardless of how they entered the profession.
These Professional Competency Areas are:

  • Personal and Ethical Foundations (PEF)
  • Values, Philosophy, and History (VPH)
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (AER)
  • Law, Policy, and Governance (LPG)
  • Organizational and Human Resources (OHR)
  • Leadership (LEAD)
  • Social Justice and Inclusion (SJI)
  • Student Learning and Development (SLD)
  • Technology (TECH)
  • Advising and Supporting (A/S)

More Information can be found in the complete document.

Student Employee Core Competencies:

To enhance the student employment experience and prepare student employees within the Division of Student Affairs, the following Core Competencies will be infused in all aspects of the Student Employment Experience:

  • Critical Thinking :  The ability to process and interpret information objectively in order to make decisions and inform future actions
  • Communication Skills:  The ability to effectively exchange thoughts and ideas with diverse others through active listening, speaking for understanding, writing to convey accurate information, and interpreting non-verbal interactions
  • Teamwork:  The ability to collaborate, manage conflict, and actively contribute to a common goal within a diverse team structure