I.D.E.A. Discussion Series

The Student Affairs I.D.E.A. Collective invites you to join us for our monthly “Make It Make Sense” Discussion Series. The purpose of this initiative is to create a collective learning space for staff to share individual perspectives on an article, video, opinion column, or podcast related to inclusion, diversity, equity, or access topics. We accomplish this through collectively unpacking the layers of a new or complex topic and making sense of what has been shared. We all bring a unique perspective to the conversation and these facilitated discussions will encourage staff to learn earnestly, reflect intentionally, and act responsibly and responsively.

How it works:

Prior to each monthly discussion, we will share an article, video, column, or podcast for individual review. As we come together on the discussion date, we will share our initial reactions, ask critical questions, and reflect on how to apply what we’ve learned to our work. Discussions will be held via Zoom and will not be recorded.

Live transcription will be available through Zoom and please let us know if we can provide additional accessibility accommodations to create a more inclusive environment. Contact Danielle Difato at DDifato@ufl.edu for those requests.

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Feel free to check out the resources from previous discussions. Please note that participants do not have to read or listen to everything listed, but are encouraged to come with a few take-aways or questions that they may have from their reflections for a more robust group discussion.